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Lemonade shop

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  • Start your lemonade business adventure today! Play as a lemonade shop owner who is on the mission to conquer the lemonade industry.
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Robot Invasion Rebooted

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  • Enter the reboot of Robot Invasion Wars to finish what others have not been able to.
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Robot Invasion Wars

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  • Enter the battle against the robot invasion. Many have tried to destroy the robots and failed, but maybe you are the hero the world needs.
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2022 Q1

Lemonade Shop V. 2.1

The main focus of the next update is to make the game easier to play and understand.

Robot Invasion Rebooted V. 0.1

Version 0.1 is the first launch of the second game in the Robot Invasion Series.

Develop PC Game

The next step for C7Pixel is to develop and publish a PC game.

Latest Posts

Lemonade shop people watching television

New effects for electronic devices in Lemonade shop v. 2.1

  • Lemonade Shop
  • 7 months
Lemonade shop people meeting

Lemonade shop version 2.1 teaser

  • Lemonade Shop
  • 7 months
Illustration of a player shooting using raycast

Simple player shooting in Unity using Raycast

  • Unity tutorials
  • 10 months

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